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A big move by Texas legislators could potentially funnel $25 billion over the span of a decade to the State Highway Fund – the second headline-making highway funding plan proposed this year.

Texas Senator Robert Nichols, R – Jacksonville, filed two pieces of legislation, Senate Bill 5 and its complementary constitutional amendment, Wednesday that could potentially move a portion of funds raised from new and used vehicle sales tax to the State Highway Fund.

Nichols serves as the chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, and the bills were co-authored by Senator Jane Nelson, R – Flower Mound, the chairwoman of the Senate Finance Committee.

If approved by the State Legislature, the legislation would appear on the November ballot for voter approval and follow a path to implementation similar to Proposition 1 (Read our post on Proposition 1 here).

Additional highway funding would give TxDOT more leeway to expand and build upon current infrastructure and also allow it to finance new roadway projects. These projects often include condemnation proceedings to acquire land needed for expansion from current landowners. As Texas’ transportation infrastructure continues to expand, eminent domain will stay at the forefront of legal battles produced by new projects.

*Post title modified from “Proud Mary,” a song made popular by Tina Turner.

Coauthored by Justin Hodge and Ayla Syed.