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With America’s new president decided, both sides of the energy argument speculate victories. Some oil and gas enthusiasts think President Obama is likely to pass TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline in his second term now that the company has assured that the pipeline will not pass through a sensitive aquifer in Nebraska. At the same time, environmentalists are looking forward to the President’s motions towards clean energy, absent the use of fossil fuels. Whether President Obama will favor one side over the other is left to be revealed when Congress convenes in early January, but in the meantime, we do know the President plans on employing an “all of the above” strategy to solve the energy issue. This means no energy source is likely to be abandoned completely. This also means landowners will need to be far more wary when it comes to their property rights. Whether it is a wind farm or a pipeline, or anything in between, you have the right to just compensation for your land if a private company or the government decides to condemn it. Eminent domain laws were not set in place to favor one side over the other. Know your rights and how to fight back.

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