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A gas pipeline in western Missouri exploded Friday morning and sent a 300 foot high fireball into the air. The glow from the burning Panhandle Eastern Pipeline could be seen for miles and three homes within a half-mile of the blast were evacuated. The blaze took more than two hours to extinguish and by mid-morning on Friday the residents had been allowed back into their homes. according to Fox. A “smoldering moon-like crater” could be seen at the site of the explosion.

The flames also destroyed seven buildings on a nearby farm. One commenter said the fire “lit up the whole area like it was daytime.” Other residents reported their homes were shaking.
The explosion can be seen here courtesy of YouTube user Jason Knox:

This is not the first time an explosion has occurred on this pipeline. According to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the same line ruptured on August 25, 2008, causing an explosion and a 7-feet deep crater, about 50 feet wide. The accident caused about $1 million in damage.