The Texas Department of Public Transportation (“TxDOT”) will hold a two hour public meeting this Tuesday, Sept. 29 at the Lake Jackson Civic Center to discuss proposed expansion plans to State Highway 332. The plans would expand the highway from FM 521 to State Highway 288 in Brazoria County, according to a TxDOT announcement.

“The proposed project would reduce traffic congestions, accommodate population growth and improve mobility,” said Danny Perez, a spokesperson for the department. “Further, expanding the roadway would provide the needed capacity during hurricane evacuations.

The project would also replace bridges at Buffalo Camp Bayou, as well as the diversion channel east of the bayou. It would also add a drainage channel running south of the highway and into the Brazos River. Finally, the project would add walkways running alongside the highway to aid pedestrian transit.

Residents of Brazoria County should be aware that, should this proposal continue forward, the power of eminent domain will likely be used to acquire the land parcels needed for the project. Preliminary diagrams released by TxDOT have indicated that the taking of additional “right of way” will be necessary to accommodate the expansions.