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Approximately $1 billion of a Texas congestion relief package fund will be dedicated to addressing issues in the Houston area. Recently approved by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the funding will be distributed across three projects that target high traffic zones. Over half of the funding will be used for the reconstruction of Interstate 45 at the interchange where it crosses Interstate 69. The project will also rebuild the main lanes of both freeways. Another project receiving funding will rebuild the ramps and freeways of Interstate 69 from Spur 527 to Interstate 45, and through its interchange with Texas 288. The remainder of the funds will support a project that rebuilds the main lanes and frontage roads of Loop 610, and creates a bridge for the Cambridge, Almeda, and Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Such projects often require property outside the existing right-of-way, a need which may lead to the use of eminent domain.