In the 84th legislative session of the Texas Legislature, Senate Bill 474, a pro-landowner eminent-domain reform bill was championed by various members of the Texas Legislature. In the recently concluded legislative session, despite the momentum of another pro-landowner eminent-domain reform bill, House Bill 2684, Texas landowners were blindsided by the sudden redirection of legislative support. The abuse of condemnation power will remain unchecked. As we celebrate our Nation’s fight against an oppressive King with the power to take one’s property without just compensation, we are reminded of our nation’s greatest betrayal at the hands of Benedict Arnold.

As many of us recall, the promise of fame, fortune, and political power turned Benedict Arnold, a General and once-celebrated member of the Revolution who distinguished himself with acts of intelligence and bravery, away from supporting rights that we celebrate today such as “no taxation without representation” and “just compensation.”

Unlike Benedict Arnold, who never redeemed himself, on July 18th the Texas Legislature will meet for a special session and will be given an opportunity of redemption to prevent history from repeating itself roughly 240 years later. Texas landowners should call their representatives and urge them to support landowner rights in this upcoming special legislative session. Let us not take our independence for granted as we enter this Fourth of July Holiday!

Happy Fourth of July!

 – Written by Graham Taylor and Justin Hodge.