McGuireWoods Consulting, a national government relations and public affairs consultancy has released a Natural Gas Pipeline Fact Sheet for the year 2018. The document reports natural gas pipeline activity in the United States across five different timeframe categories, differentiated by the degree of project completeness: 1) Completed Pipelines, 2) Pipelines Under Construction, 3) Approved Projects, 4) Projects with Applications Pending, and 5) Announced Projects. The report provides coverage of natural gas pipelines for a period beginning 2018, and extending out to 2025. It also gives the project name, its operator, and the state(s) it will affect.

As could be expected, projects relating to Texas feature heavily in this report in all five timeframe categories. However, pipelines affecting Texas feature most prominently in the second (Pipelines Under Construction) and fifth (Announced Projects) timeframe categories. This would suggest that though the level of construction activity in Texas is already quite high compared to national levels, there will likely be little to no abatement in the rate at which construction activity will occur in the future. Texas landowners should be aware that a substantial volume of pipeline construction will likely occur over the next few years, and pay close attention for the arrival of new projects impacting their properties.

By Christopher Chan