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Despite months of delay, the Federal Highway Administration announced that TxDOT is allowed to proceed with portions of the I-45 project on North Houston Highway Improvement Project, which would widen I-45 from downtown Houston, Texas north to Beltway 8. The project is estimated to cost over $10 billion. TxDOT’s I-45 project will impact private property along I-69, State Highway 288, and IH-45 in Houston, Texas.

TxDOT IH-45 Project

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There are still many concerns that will need to address the impacts and displacements in Houston’s Third Ward. According to a November 29, 2021 letter from the Federal Highway Administration, TxDOT is allowed to acquire property through market negotiations, but at this time cannot rely on its eminent-domain power. Regardless, TxDOT should fairly compensate all the landowners along the project and not make lowball offers. This would allow the I-45 Project to proceed and reduce the harm to individual landowners. Landowners along the route should consider consulting with eminent-domain lawyers to make sure TxDOT pays just compensation, including damages to remaining property.